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Blitzkrieg Commander 4 has become our preferred set of WW2 rules for operational level scenarios. BKC 2 revolves around its command system, which while simple in concept, is very effective for this level of combat. The rules cover close assaults, scheduled bombardments, engineering, and more in an organized fashion that makes the system easy to grasp and highly suitable for group play. There are extensive army lists that cover the period from the Spanish Civil War to the end of WW2 with stats for every vehicle, artillery piece, or type of infantry that served in the war. Very similar to the Warmaster system, so if you've played that you can transition quickly to BKC 4. The third edition was a complete disaster, so this is the 4th edition of the rules, which recently arrived and are pretty good so far.

BKC IV: First Winter Battle


Russian Breakthrough & German Counterattack

No posts for for almost two months, which was mainly due to my family and I getting Covid-19 as well as the gathering restrictions in our area. Everything finally came together, however, for a game on the Friday after Thanksgiving where I got a chance to have everyone try a BKC IV game set in winter. I had worked on this project all summer and fall, so it was good to see everything come to fruition. We only had four players this time, so we went with a major Russian attack in the winter of 1942, with the Germans stretched thin and German mechanized forces rallying for a counterattack. The one thing we learned was that the KV-1Cs are monsters! They took everything the Germans could throw at them and held their attention long enough for the Russian infantry to take the first village. This game had everything, from infantry firefights, devastating artillery barrages, armor slugfests, and close assaults, leading to a lot of burning vehicles and in the end a Russian minor victory. The early Eastern Front period is hard to balance, with the Germans having pretty good command ratings, but so-so armor while the Russians have less than average command ratings, but their armor can slug it out for quite some time. It's going to take a few battles to get things sorted out, but we're off to a good start!

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