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The Sword & The Flame is probably the most popular set of colonial rules ever written and is now well over 4 decades old! It is a man to man system or as we like to say "quasi-skirmish" as platoons are of 20 men with two platoons in a company. It is a fast paced skirmish game that uses cards to activate units for moving and shooting. Movement is randomized with a number of D6s rolled depending upon a unit's formation and the terrain they are in, while combat uses D20s for shooting and D6s for hand to hand. This creates a wild, "Hollywood" type colonial skirmish game where weird things happen, but everyone has a great time playing.

TSATF: Relief of a Besieged Force


Bengal Lancer Squadron's Heroic Charge

It's been a long, long time between TSATF games, so once again it was back to the Northwest Frontier. For this scenario, a British-Indian force was moving up to releive a trapped garrison. Upon seeing the number of Pathans coming out of the pass, the British decide it would be better to save the garrison, then have everyone withdraw to safety. It was going to be a close run thing and a fierce battle, except for one thing; a single squadron of Bengal Lancers. This squadron marched out in advance to give the other British and Indian units time to deploy and attack, then charged right into a hornet's nest. Despite being shot at for several turns, surrounded, and charged, this squadron fought valiantly for three straight turns, holding up several Pathan units during that critical time. By the time they were eventually down to two men and left the field, the damage had been done. The remaining Pathans hurried to the scene of the action, but the British and Indians had defeated the Pathan tribe on the other flank and saved the garrison. A lot of fun, lots of casualties on both sides, and weirdness as usual with TSATF, especially the events which kept targeting the Pathan side!


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