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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is the next evolution of the popular Warmaster series of rules and can be played with any scale of figures. The system uses a modified version of the WMA command system where leaders roll 2D6 against their Leadership number to see if their units go one, two, or three moves, which adds a layer of chaos to each side's battle plan. Each unit is rated for it's combat abilities through an initial contact number, sustained combat, close range/support, long range firing, morale(think saves), and stamina (number of hits it can take). This produces combats that can surge back and forth for a few turns as both sides add in supporting units. Individual figures are not removed, so pretty much any basing works with the system, enabling gamers to use their armies for a variety of rules besides Hail Caesar.

Hail Caesar: First Try


Successors Against The Republic of Rome

Despite Hail Caesar being out for quite some time now, this would be our first try at the rules. We never really had any armies based for the period, but now with two 28mm forces available, it was time to give it a try. Not really knowing what to do in terms of army lists, command ratings, optional rules, etc., we went with a pretty standard set up as well as units. There would be two legions plus cavalry going up against a traveling circus of pikes, elephants, Persians, Red Sea Arabs, cataphracts, and more. It took us a few turns to figure out the command system, shooting, break tests, etc., but then the action really got going. The Successors were certainly the agressors, moving out quickly and pressing the attack. The Romans seemed to be in counterattack mode and once almost broke through the Successor's center. It was definitely a back and forth fight with pretty heavy casualties on both sides where suprisingly, the heavy cavalry of both sides never got into contact! A pretty fun gam which we are going to try again pretty soon so the rules are still fresh in our minds before we move on to other things.

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