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AOR Rules

AOR rules coverWarfare in the Age of Reason is a 1:50 set of rules for the Seven Years War and War of Austrian Succession along with actions in India. Units usually consist of 12 figures for both infantry and cavalry, with one gun model representing a battery. Linear tactics are rewarded with units receiving positive morale modifiers for flank and rear support. Each game consists of twelve turns in a fun and quick playing system that feels right for battles of this era. Two supplements expand the army lists, offer additional scenarios, frequently asked questions, and even a naval system for use with Seven Years War campaigns.

15mm Seven Years War


Seven Years War: The First Global War

When we first tried the Seven Years War period with a few players and barely enough units for a game back around 1995, no one could have guessed where we would end up around 20 years later. Today the Seven Years War is one of our most beloved periods that sees our group having forces for Prussia, Austria, France, Russia, England, Jacobites, Ottomans, North America, and at some point we plan on working up armies for campaigns in India. These aren't forces for just small, two player battles, but rather we usually have enough for 25-40 units a side that can hold up to eight players! Not only is the era one of the most colorful that we play, but there's nothing like seeing the long lines of infantry battalions crossing the battlefield or the massed cavalry charges that were a staple of that era. The Age of Reason rules do a good job simulating the national differences with the varous armies so during your games you can see the importance of Russian artillery, the huge Austrian infantry battalions, the firepower of the British line, as well as the oblique marching and first punch of the Prussians for which they were notorious. This era also lends itself well to campaigns and to this date we have played three Sport of Kings campaigns as well as a fictional campaign set in Western Prussia. The Seven Years War is the perfect introduction to the Horse & Musket period for any gamer.

Sport of Kings

AOR supplement #1 coverIf you can find enough players, then by all means try a Sport of Kings campaign found inside the Age of Reason rules. This campaign system puts each player in charge of one of the great European countries where you purchase units, make treaties, lead military forces across the continent, and try to emerge victorious in the Seven Years War by fighting opposing forces. Hidden movement, secret negotiations, and actions in North America and India complicate things even further! Great fun as we've already played three of these over the years and are looking forward to trying it again sometime soon.