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Warmaster Ancients rules coverBased off of the popular fantasy rules, Warmaster features units of three stands with a standard template for army lists, which proves very easy to use. The rules have a simple, but very effective command & control system that makes the battles very interesting and frustrating at the same time!

We have a campaign system for Warmaster called By The Sword, which takes place on the fantasy world of Marnon. Click the image above for more details and the rules, map, cards, etc.

10mm Ancients & Medieval


WMA/WMM Ancient & Medieval Warfare

Several of us have been playing Ancients since we first got started in the hobby, beginning with WRG rules, Shock of Impact, Warhammer Historical, and many others along the way. After quite an extensive search we settled on the Warmaster Ancients series of rules as we had a lot of fun as well as experience with the fantasy version for several years. We initially started out small, with only Egyptians and Assyrians, but we have quickly branched out to include forces for Hittites, Successors, Indians, and Vikings. We're also heavily involved with Warmaster Medieval and currently have forces for Normans, Saracens, and Crusaders. Current plans call for an expansion of our current forces to around 2,000 points per army and then adding additional armies that we're interested in. Some of these will probably include early Greeks, Byzantines, Sassanids, plus Samurai. One of our ultimate goals with this set of rules is to try out the siege section in Warmaster Medieval, so we'll be adding some additional terrain, siege towers, catapults, etc., to our forces as we go along. We usually play this system at least several times a year, plus we have an annual tournament as well. WMA is quick to set up, plays very fast, and is a lot of fun, so we usually use this for those nights where we need to come up with something quickly.


WM Tournament

At the end of each year, usually during the holiday season, the club has an annual, one day Warmaster Ancients tournament. Each participant is given a points total plus three territories from the campaign system in the Warmaster Armies book. Each player then has three battles that take around 90 minutes each and the results are tallied, with casualty poiints determining the winner in case of ties. There is also a special "Master of Mayhem" award given out to whoever causes the most casualties. The tournament is a lot of fun, you get to see a wide variety of armies against each other, and there are some unique strategies in choosing units from the lists.