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Age of Eagles

Age of Eagles rulesBased off of the popular Fire & Fury ACW rules, AOE is at a much higher scale, with each stand the equivalent of 320 men. Naturally, there are major differences between the periods, so there are rules that cover reserve movement, columnar, linear, or impulse tactics, and the various commanders. We've found this set of rules is ideal for group play and doing large games with well over a thousand figures on the tabletop. The rules are readily available and well supported by the online gaming community and there is already one scenario book out for the rules.

15mm Age of Eagles


Napoleonic Warfare in Miniature

Another of the most colorful periods that we game, Napoleonics battles are always welcomed on game nights. Most of us started out back in the 70s with a variety of rules sets, then transitioned to Empire, which we played for close to twenty years. After being frustrated in not being able to finish any kind of game in under 8 hours, we moved to Age of Eagles, which is our current preferred set of rules for the period. We have a large number of miniatures in 15mm for the period, including forces for France, Russia, Saxony, Poland, and the Peninsula, plus several minor French allies. We're hoping to expand to the Austrians, add more Russians, Bavarians, and Spanish in the near future. Our favorite era is 1813 and we would love to get to the point where we can do large battles such as Dresden and the Leipzig campaign. While we are certainly happy with Age of Eagles we're always willing to try new sets of rules for this period. We also have forces in 28mm for skirmish actions set in this period and are always looking for suitable rules for that as well.

Other Rules

We also from time to time break out a scenario of General de Brigade, which is a 1:20 grand tactical set of rules for the period. The great thing about AOE and GDB is that they use basically the same size of stands, so there's no need to rebase! It is a much different feel than AOE as you are more concerned with skirmishers, formations, and the tactical combined arms operations. We also play Sharpe's Practice in 28mm and have several units of Russians and British, plus terrain for this scale. This is a skirmish set of rules based upon the WW2 rules I Ain't Been Shot Mum and uses many of the same concepts in those rules.