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Fire & Fury

Fire & Fury ACW rules coverWith time being a major constraint in our gaming hobby in this day and age, years ago we turned to Fire & Fury as our primary set of ACW rules. F&F is an operational set of rules that allows for big battles as each unit is a brigade of infantry or cavalry, with artillery represented by batteries. The game plays very fast, features a simple, but efective command & control system, and is great for group games. We recently switched to some of the suggested modifications to the rules for low ammo and using 2D6 for firing and melee, which has really improved the game for us.

War Between The States


15mm ACW Battles

With many of our group being fans of the American Civil War period, it only stands to reason that this would be one of our most popular eras to game. Over the years many of us in the group have played this period in 6mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, and even experimented in 10mm before settling on 15mm as our preferred scale. We currently have large forces for both the Union and Confederate armies, although we are still quite a bit short of being able to do some of the really large battles of the war. For us the period is a staple that can quickly be agreed to as a last minute game as we know the rules very well, have large amounts of figures for most medium and smaller sized battles, plus we have a good selection of terrain for the period.For the future we're hoping to continue expanding our forces and trying out some campaigns. We've played a few large Johnny Reb campaigns over the years, but would like to find something suitable for Fire & Fury, possibly even using boardgames such as A House Divided.

Other Rules

Although many of us got our start gaming the ACW period with rules such as Stars 'N Bars or Rally 'Round The Flag, the clear winner for decades was Johnny Reb in its various editions. The change to the 3rd edition, longer playing time, and not being able to leave up games forced us to change to Fire & Fury, although we still have a place in our hearts for JR3 and we're trying out Guns At Gettysburg, which is a 1:20 scale set of rules.