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Friday Night

Warmaster Ancients rules

We usually decide what we're going to play after multiple emails via our club's Yahoo Group. Once the period and scale is chosen, we then move to where to eat for dinner before the game! Games are usually held at the house of one of the club members, although as a fall back option we sometimes play at a fantastic gaming store in Sandy, Utah called GAJO.

Dinner is usually around 5:30, we get over to the scheduled place around 6:30, set up, then start somewhere between 7 and 7:30, playing until close to midnight. Since we don't usually have the ability to leave the game up for a second week we try to choose periods and scenarios that can be completed in 3-4 hours. We have so much stuff that it is actually rare for us to play the same period twice!

Who We Are

15mm Renaissance game

WFHGS is a small gaming club located in Northern Utah that primarily games with historical miniatures as well as board wargames. As with many gaming groups we have a large variety of periods that we game and in different scales. Many of us have been gaming since the 70s, so we have large and extensive collections for well over 20 different periods, ranging from 10mm Ancient Egyptians for Warmaster Ancients to 1/300th F-4E Phantoms for Vietnam air combat. We meet every other Friday night in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and generally game from 7pm to almost midnight. We also have an annual day after Thanksgiving game as well as our annual Warmaster Ancients tournament at the end of the year.

What We GameWarning Order cover

Our club definitely has problems staying focused when it comes to gaming! We currently play everything from ancients to colonials to air combat, plus another dozen or so eras in between. Most of our miniature collections are 15mm for the Seven Years War, Renaissance, Early Sudan, and ACW, but we also have 28mm figures for the Thirty Years War, Napoleonic skirmish, WW2 skirmish, Samurai era, and more. On top of that we also have naval miniatures in various scales, 10mm ancients, and 1/285th micro-armor for WW2 along with air combat. To complicate things further we sometimes play different sets of rules for these periods, such as General de Brigade and Age of Eagles for Napoleonics. Finally, this is only what we do on club nights! Most members also have other rules, miniatures, terrain, etc., for many games and periods that we don't do as a club!

Joining WFHGS

Friday Night Update

If you are in the SLC, Utah area and would like to try a game with our group, feel free to use the contact info at the bottom of the page to see if a date, time, and gaming subject work for you. Joining WFHGS is a much different prospect, however. In the past we've had some members who, frankly, almost ruined the club or didn't add to the general gaming experience in a good way. We're looking for gamers who want to contribute (figures, terrain, rules, etc.) and more importantly, work well within the framework of the group. We're not desperate for members, so we can afford to be pretty selective. We feel that its not our mission to grow the hobby, but rather have an enjoyable evening with our hobby while enjoying the comraderie that we have, so we need gamers who fit in along with the rest of the group.