By The Sword

By The Sword is a campaign system for Warmaster Ancients set in the fantasy world of Marnon. The campaign system is broken down into four components for ease of printing, consisting of the rules, large map, event cards, and the optional mercenary cards.Click on the links below for the files that you need. The large map is a scan of the actual board game map, which had a large crease in it. If I can get a better scan I will gladly swap out the files, but for now it is certainly usable. The cards are standard sized and fit most card sleeves that are available from game stores.

Large Map


Event Cards

Mercenary Cards

The Campaign For Marnon

Warmaster Ancients and Medieval has proven to be one of our club's most popular gaming systems. Since we have been playing this for quite a few years now and have amassed several armies, we thought it was time to do a campaign. The only issue was that the campaign systems that were available were quite frankly, too simple. We were looking for something that could trace its roots back to some of the campaigns we did in the 70s and 80s, which were a bit more involved and certainly took time to complete. This was to be an ongoing campaign with no definite timetable, so the only thing left to do was to design our own!

Warmaster Ancients Campaign System

Some of you may recognize the map grpahics above from the old Avalon Hill game called Wizard's Quest. This was also used as the basis for a medieval campaign that was featured a long time ago in The Courier magazine. With the exception of a few graphical changes here and there, it is basically the same map as in the board game. The map fits a campaign setting very well as it utilizes area movement and regions for each player. A rules system, however, still needed to be written to use this setting as a basis for a WMA campaign. Movement, Combat, Sieges, Naval Operations, Economics, and more have all been added to the rules to produce a complete campaign system. Although the rules, charts, cards, etc., push the complete package to close to 40 pages, the basic rules are only around a dozen or so. There are also a large number of optional rules that will definitely increase the complexity of the campaign as well as the playing time, along with an 18 card deck for mercenaries. The rules provide a planning map, charts & tables, gazeteer, plus there is a 52 card event deck that is used to generate random events for the campaign. Although designed for Warmaster Ancients or Medieval, this campaign should be easily adaptable to other rules sets with little effort.

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Campaign Diaries

Once the campaign gets off the ground the plan is to have a series of campaign diaries that will show the ebb and flow of the battles across Marnon. We'll try to do it similar to the Friday Night Update with images from the battles as well as up to date maps as the campaign progresses. From time too time I'll also try to post what the players are thinking, some sample economic and army roster forms, plus which event cards have been played. I was always interested (and still am today) by many of the campaign reports that were featured in The Courier magazine, so hopefully we can create something that can be enjoyed by gamers years from now, even if it is to just give others some ideas about how to run a campaign.