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Age of Discovery

Warfare in the Age of Discovery is a set of rules for the Renaissance era all the up to the 30 Years and English Civill Wars. The scale is 1:25 and focuses on small maneuver units, so a pike unit will normally be between 16 and 24 figures strong while most cavalry units are 6-8 figures. The game features a lot of chaos, mainly through the fire and morale tables that can feature wild swings of fortune during the battle. While the better units such as the Germans and Swiss are fairly predictable, the other supporting units can either do spectacular feats of courage or disappear at the first sign of trouble! Artillery does not dominate the battlefield and the push of pike battles accurately simulate this style of warfare. Army lists are included for the 1495-1545 period, Wars of Religion, Thirty Years War, and ECW.

Renaissance Encounter 1525


Swiss Pike & French Gendarmes Attack

This is our first update in a few months due to fluctuations in everyone's schedules. Tonight it was back to the Renaissance era where France is once again trying to annex Northern Italy. The Imperialists seemed plagued by the turn sequence all night including the setup roll. The Swiss went up against the poorer Spanish and Italian pike while the French heavy cavalry barrelled down the center, virtually unopposed. After the first few turns the Imperialist army had been split in two, but the German pike began to attack the French left and was making serious headway, plus they intervened in the cavalry battle going on in the center by firing on the French cavalry units, inflicting serious damage. The light troops of both sides took a beating and one of the Imperialist artillery batteries blew up, which didn't help matters for their side. When the game was called (we got a late start and the store had to close in 15 minutes) the Imperialist side thought they had lost, but the French conceded that the issue was still in doubt. Next time we need to start earlier and some unit cards for both sides would definitely help out a bit, especially as we don't seem to play this as much as we would like.

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