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Pickett's Charge

This is a relatively new set of rules for the U.S. Civil War that are closely related to General d"Armee, which itself is a much faster playing version of General d/Brigade. The command system revolves around the use of staff officers, where each command rolls a number of dice that generate these officers. They are then used to aid the various brigades in rolling for activation, bringing in reserves, etc. While it sounds difficult, in practice it is pretty easy after the first turn and flows pretty well. The rest of the game system, i.e., movement, combat, etc., is pretty standard fare, makiing this set of rules fairly easy for running large battles. There are four pages of charts that go over the command system, movement, firing, and assault, so you can run the game just from the charts after a turn or two.

Gettysburg 2nd Day Pt. 2


Longstreet's Attack Continues

So this would be our second night playing Longstreet's attack at Gettysburg on the 2nd day. Steve went out and made some actual orchards to replace the regular trees we used on the first night! The Confederate attack continued through most of the night, achieving some success, but also getting several units chewed up in the process. In fact, by Turn 10 or so the entire center was pretty much devoid of life after a series of firefights, charges, routs, and more! The issue was that the Confederates just could not get up enough steam to decisively plow through the center and end the game. Instead, there were a series of firefights, charges, and countercharges that served to delay the main attack from fully developing. When we had to call it quits there were probably still another 2-3 turns that could have seen the battle end as a victory for either side. Both sides had suffered quite a few casualties and commands were pretty jumbled after all of the faltering and retreating. Overall, it was a brutal slugfest that could have gone on longer, but we ran out of time. While we had a few problems with the rules (nothing major), we felt they did warrant a second playing.

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