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Blitzkrieg Commander 2 has become our preferred set of WW2 rules for operational level scenarios. BKC 2 revolves around its command system, which while simple in concept, is very effective for this level of combat. The rules cover close assaults, scheduled bombardments, engineering, and more in an organized fashion that makes the system easy to grasp and highly suitable for group play. There are extensive army lists that cover the period from the Spanish Civil War to the end of WW2 with stats for every vehicle, artillery piece, or type of infantry that served in the war. Very similar to the Warmaster system, so if you've played that you can transition quickly to BKC 2. The third edition was a complete disaster, so we ae awaiting the 4th edition, which shoudl be similar to the 2nd, which works for us!

BKC2: Attack & Counterattack


Eastern Front Late War Action

Back to BKC2 since our playtest of BKC3 was a disaster and we are eagerly awaiting the 4th edition. This time it was a Russian armored attack due west of Koningsberg in early 1945. A Russian recon force has punched through the front lines and secured a vital bridge in the area and more armor is moving to reinforce that objective. During the night, however, a German counterattack seized the town and its road junction in between the two Russian forces. This set off a series of attacks by the Russians and three separate counterattacks by the Germans, all intent on preventing the Russians from linking up. Both sides kept up the pressure on the other, with more German forces arriving on the flanks, who were hastily thrown into the series of counterattacks. The highlight of the evening was the one PZIVH who doggedly defended the town's road junction in the center, despite all that the Russians could throw at it. Both sides had good rolls as well as bad, with the battle hanging in the balance for quite some time. When we had to call the game the Germans stilll had some strong forces in the area and it was doubtful that the Russians were going to reach the bridge with much strength, so we figured the game was more than likely going to end up as a German tactical victory.

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