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Saga is a Dark Ages skirmish system that works well for group play and can accommodate any number of figures. Each side has a warlord plus several units that can range from a four man cavalry section to a twelve figure archery unit. Each unit is rated for its movement, attack, and armor values which influence the combat system. The heart of the system, however, are the "Saga" dice, which have unique symbols on them for each faction. Using the symbols is a game unto itself, allowing units to move, gain extra attacks, rally, or use their factions special skills. Outside of how to use these special dice, however, is a very fast paced game that has systems easily understood by new and veteran gamers. You can complete a four player game of Saga with up to 30 figures a side in a little under two hours, making it ideal for group games.

Saga: Normans vs. Saxons


Norman Attack Repelled!

Another big Saga battle, but this time it was the Normans vs. the Saxons, which of course brings out the inevitable comments about the Saxons from the Robin Hood and Ivanhoe movies! This was a four player game with two on each side that simulated a Norman raid into a Saxon stronghold. The Normans had a mixed force of mounted, men at arms, and archers for the attack, while the Saxons were all infantry. The Saxons needed to rush reinforcements to the middle of the board to meet the Normans, thus preventing them from killing any of the villagers and/or plundering the buildings. The Normans had a simple objective: burn and kill everything in sight!
The Normans came out fast, attacking everything in sight with their mounted forces. Unfortunately, this is where the Norman players learned that they should have held them back a bit and used their special Saga dice for them. Once they were defeated the infantry had all kinds of serious issues, so there was a lesson to be learned there! In the end the Norman attack wasn't only repelled, it was crushed beyond a reasonable doubt! The game was still fun, even if you were on the Norman side!

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