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Blitzkrieg Commander 2 has become our preferred set of WW2 rules for operational level scenarios. BKC 2 revolves around its command system, which while simple in concept, is very effective for this level of combat. The rules cover close assaults, scheduled bombardments, engineering, and more in an organized fashion that makes the system easy to grasp and highly suitable for group play. There are extensive army lists that cover the period from the Spanish Civil War to the end of WW2 with stats for every vehicle, artillery piece, or type of infantry that served in the war. Very similar to the Warmaster system, so if you've played that you can transition quickly to BKC 2. The third edition was a complete disaster, so we ae awaiting the 4th edition, which shoudl be similar to the 2nd, which works for us!

BKC2: Meeting Engagement


Russian Armored Spearhead vs. German Heavies

Excited by the prospect of Blitzkrieg Commander 4 coming out this June, we decided to do a late war meeting engagement. The basic set up was that each side had control of villages that were right down the road from each other, but all of the mobile forces would be coming into play via random reinforcement points. This created a chaotic situation with both sides trying to rush forward their units, but at the same time unable to press forward with their attacks towards the four objectives on the board. The result was some long range firefights where the Russians eventually ground down the Germans. The Panthers and Tigers were simply overwhelmed as the German command rolls continuously betrayed them, letting them usually only get one order each per turn when they desperately needed multiple orders at times. Using a combination of artillery and armor, the Russians had achieved control for the most part of one of the objectives and still held onto two more, giving them the victory. There were pretty heavy casualties on both sides, especially with the no man's land in the center of the board, but the overall result was a very fun game with lots of armor engaements so everyone went away happy!

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