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Pickett's Charge

This is a relatively new set of rules for the U.S. Civil War that are closely related to General d"Armee, which itself is a much faster playing version of General d/Brigade. The command system revolves around the use of staff officers, where each command rolls a number of dice that generate these officers. They are then used to aid the various brigades in rolling for activation, bringing in reserves, etc. While it sounds difficult, in practice it is pretty easy after the first turn and flows pretty well. The rest of the game system, i.e., movement, combat, etc., is pretty standard fare, makiing this set of rules fairly easy for running large battles. There are four pages of charts that go over the command system, movement, firing, and assault, so you can run the game just from the charts after a turn or two. 

Antietam: Union First Attack


Attack on the Confederate Left

We had not played Pickett's Charge in quite some time, namely because we had been learning the new version of Fire & Fury and playing games in the other 20+ eras that we have! So, to get back in the swing of things and to relearn the rules we had the morning attack at Antietam set up and ready to go. The game began with the Union attack on the Confederate center, which was manned by a few understrength units and several batteries of artillery. The Union was hampered by the terrain and fences, but did get their formations straightened out and pressed the attack. The Iron Brigade was roughly handled, but it gave the Union enough time to set up their own artillery and begin shelling the Confederate lines. At one point the Confederates did counterattack with some success, but the weight of the Union attack began to tell and the front line was in serious shape. In reality, this game was too much for one night and could have gone on for at least another 6-8 hours! In the future we'll need to scale back some of these bigger games so that we can come to a conclusion in a much shorter time.

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