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Ronin is a set of rules designed for skirmishes in Fedual Japan. Each player can handle a unit of three all the way up to multiple units that have 7-8 figures in each. The movement and shooting rules are very basic, but the comabt system is unique in that each figure gets what is termed a "combat pool" of stones that are chosen secretly. Each stone will allow an attack, an enhanced attack, or an enhanced defense. Figures roll for initiative then conduct their attacks with the results being a miss, stun, light wound, grievious wound, or death. Multiple figures get larger pools of stones, which makes combat an interesting part of the game and there are a lot of different strategies that can be employed to maximize your chances. The game plays very fast and a scenario with 15-20 figures on each side will rarely go over two hours.

Ronin: Three Way Free For All


Easy Victory for the Sohei

This was a three way fight between a warlord's forces led by samurai, a force of Sohei, and a primarily civilain force trying to capture several villagers, who may or may not put up a fight. Each party scored points by rounding up the villagers and escorting them to a safe area and by killing the opposition. The Sohei were fortunate in that they had a ways to go to get to the center, so they had a front row seat to watch the other factions go right after each other from the start of the game! By the third turn these two factions were heavily engaged in a struggle to the death, which is exactly how it ended. The Sohei merely sat back, shot at anything that moved, then closed in and captured enough villagers to win the game! Usually in our Ronin games the archers and arquebusiers never work out, but not this time. The Sohei archers scored kills time and time again, which was a refreshing turn of events, especially for the Sohei player! With the other two factions literally killing each other off to the last man, the Sohei walked away with the victory without a single casualty.

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