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WM Medieval

Based off of the popular Warmaster Fantasy rules, this version adds most armies from the Classical, Dark Ages, and Medieval periods. Each unit consists of three stands with a simple, but every effective command and control system that creates a unique level of chaos. Each army is led by a general and several leaders, plus a set number of units that must be in the army, leaving the remaining points up to the players to choose their forces. We use 10mm figures by Old Glory, Magistar Militum, Minifigs, and Kallistra. We find that WMA and WMM are fast playing, a lot of fun, and is certainly suitable for large groups where we occasionally use up to 2500 points per side. We currently have around a dozen armies and are looking to paint more plus do a campaign at some point.

Warmaster Medieval: Knights Attack


Saracens Get Overwhelmed

With five players this time and needing something that could be set up without a lot of work, we went with a Saracens vs. Crusaders battle using Warmaster Medieval. We decided to use all of the medieval rules this time, which didn't work out too well, so we need to go back and review those more thoroughly for next time! This was one of those games were one side never really got going and this time it was the Saracens. Failed command rolls, blunders, bad combat rolls, etc., were the highlights of this game for the Saracens. Although it remained close for the first few turns and at one point the Saracens were actually ahead in terms of break points, the Saracen players could see the end coming! By the sixth turn most of the Saracen heavy cavalry had been chewed up, so when the Crusader dismounted knights and soldiers got into close combat there was nothing to intervene with. Once it got to that point, the Saracen infantry could not hold the tide back any longer and the Saracens reached their break point first, with the Crusaders only a little over halfway towards theirs.

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