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Age of Reason 3

Age of Reason, one of the most popular sets of rules for the Seven Years War, is now in its 3rd edition. Units are battalions of infantry, regiments of cavalry, and batteries for artillery, with units usually having 12 figures each. Brigades are activated by card draw for movement, with both sides exchanging artillery fire, then small arms fire, followed by melee. Linear formations and having supports factor greatly into the fire and melee systems. The rules cover every army for the Seven Years War, War of the Austrian Succession, and American Revolution, plus there are army lists for the French & Indian War along with the British in India. There is also a great campaign system included called The Sport of Kings. Our group uses the 15mm scale with figures from Old Glory, Essex, and there's even some old Minfigs still in the units!

AOR 3: Prussian Town Assault


Prussians Maneuver To Attack a French Town

Another opportunity to try the 3rd edition of Age of Reason, of which we've had some successes and still a lot of questions. This scenario was organized by Mark and featured a Prussian attack against a French held town that was bolstered in its defense by a series of entrenchments/redoubts. The Prussians had three small brigades of infantry along with three cavalry regiments in two brigades, supported by four batteries of artillery. The French had two brigades of infantry and one brigade of cavalry in defense of the town, with the artillery placed to cover all avenues of approach. As with most AOR battles the cavalry got into action first, with the Prussian cavalry getting badly handled and only saved by the timely intervention of the hussars in reserve. In the ensuing attacks and counterattacks the Prussian and French cavalry suffered serious losses and then it was down to the infantry. The French came out of their fortifications and began to engage the Prussians in the open fields before the town. The Prussians began to grind down the defenders with a series of firefights and the poor die rolls by the French artillery. With the French cavalry defeated and the Prussian infantry surging against two sides of the town, the Prussians were deemed to have the won the game

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