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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is the next evolution of the popular Warmaster series of rules and can be played with any scale of figures. The system uses a modified version of the WMA command system where leaders roll 2D6 against their Leadership number to see if their units go one, two, or three moves, which adds a layer of chaos to each side's battle plan. Each unit is rated for it's combat abilities through an initial contact number, sustained combat, close range/support, long range firing, morale(think saves), and stamina (number of hits it can take). This produces combats that can surge back and forth for a few turns as both sides add in supporting units. Individual figures are not removed, so pretty much any basing works with the system, enabling gamers to use their armies for a variety of rules besides Hail Caesar.

We're Back: Surviving Covid-19


A Challenging Time For The Gaming Hobby

The last update was on March 9th! Because of the virus shutdown, work closures, etc., I was unable to get my backup files off of one of my work computers, so I spent a lot of time writing articles for Warning Order instead. For a few months everything was pretty much shutdown, meaning no gaming or anyone wanting to travel somewhere to game! For myself this meant a lot of board wargaming and painting, which at least took up some time apart from being on call for work via my laptop. Around the end of May we started to think about getting together again, so since about the first of June we've been seeing each other on an irregular basis to do some gaming. A few nights were just board gaming, where for example we learned Terraforming Mars, which was a lot of fun. We did work in a big Hail Caesar game, some Age of Discovery, two nights of DBA 3.0 (more on that to come down the road), and recently we tried learning Battlegroup Barbarossa. I don't think we've had the full group at too many game nights, so things are progressing slowly. I alos just started work on Warning Order #55, which hopefully will be out sometime before the end of this year.

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