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Age of Eagles

Age of Eagles is one of our favorite sets of rules and we were one of the original play testing groups. Very similar to Fire & Fury ACW in game mechanics, particularly in terms of movement, firing, and melee. The main differences are the scale of the units, with each stand being around 350 men and each cavalry stand around 160, so much bigger than its ACW cousin. The other big difference is the use of reserve and tactical zones, which gives gamers the feel of the battles of the period, where large units in reserve would move up into the combat area. The game is a little more complex than basic F&F, but most gamers can figure out the system relatively quickly and just use the charts by the end of the their first battle. There is now a 2nd edition available along with a scenario book with detailed orders of battle and unit labels.

AOE: The Center Collapses


An Unexpected & Sudden Disaster

Back to the Peninsula for another French vs. British battle using Age of Eagles. This time it would be a French attack with a low fog on the first few turns, which limited visibility for both sides. This allowed the French to get dangerously close before it became apparent that the British right flank was in serious trouble. Somehow, some way, the British cavaly held on, mainly due to some incredible die rolls! The British artillery really pounded the advancing French and it looked for a while like the British may have been able to even counterattack. Slowly, but surely, however, the French continued their advance and soon there were firefights across the fronts of both sides. The French then launched a series of assualt that did not make much headway at first. However, they were able to rally quickly and hit the British before they could regroup or shift units. This next series of attacks was helped by bad die rolls on the British side as the British luck in the earlier half of the game now ran out! The French surged through a village and reached the center hills, driving back the British forces. The British desperately tried to reorganize the defenses, but there were too many crisis points in the center and the left. British units fell back to form a new defense line, but the French were already probing the defenses even before the British were ready. A few more attacks and the center was carried, meaning the rest of the British army would need to fall back and cede the battlefield to the French. What was a tense and exciting game resulted in a British disaster in just two turns!



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