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Based off of the popular Warmaster Fantasy rules, this version adds most armies from the Classical, Dark Ages, and Medieval periods. Each unit consists of three stands with a simple, but every effective command and control system that creates a unique level of chaos. Each army is led by a general and several leaders, plus a set number of units that must be in the army, leaving the remaining points up to the players to choose their forces. We use 10mm figures by Old Glory, Magistar Militum, Minifigs, Pendraken, and Kallistra. We find that WMA and WMM are fast playing, a lot of fun, and is certainly suitable for large groups where we occasionally use up to 2500 points per side. We currently have around a dozen armies and are looking to paint more as well as working on doing a campaign at some point.

WMA: Unusual Opponents


A 3,000 Points Per Side Slugfest

Due to a communication error, we ended up with ahistorical opponents this night! We had a last minute change of plans and not wanting to do another Romans vs. Seleucids battle, we thought maybe a Crusades action was a good choice. Again, unfortunately, everyone wasn't on the same page, so we ended up with Romans vs. Saracens! We had six players this time, so we chose to go with 3,000 points per side, which is a lot of units! The Saracens had a huge amount of cavalry, outnumbering the Roman cavalry by almost 4:1 and also had a huge amount of infantry. The Saracen infantry, however, had nowhere near the saves or attacks that the legions had, so it would be an interesting matchup.
The battle opened up with the Saracens trying to win on the flanks, then let the legions come to them. While initially a pretty good plan, it fell apart rather quickly! The Saracens got a little more of a fight on their flanks than they were expecting, while the Romans started to move forward in the center. The Saracens, however, were really helped by the two Roman wings not being to move very far at all during the first few turns. As expected, once the Roman legions got in amongst the Saracen infantry it was a bloodbath. The Saracens had to fall back several times in the face of the legion attacks and for a while it was a pretty even battle. The Saracens, then gained the upper hand and started throwing units against any Roman that they could find, weakening their center and pushing them to the breaking point. A few more Saracen assaults, although with heavy losses, and the Romans hit their break point, therefore losing the game. Very fun, despite the fictional nature of the battle and it went about four hours due to all the units on the board!

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