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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is the next evolution of the popular Warmaster series of rules and can be played with any scale of figures. The system uses a modified version of the WMA command system where leaders roll 2D6 against their Leadership number to see if their units go one, two, or three moves, which adds a layer of chaos to each side's battle plan. Each unit is rated for it's combat abilities through an initial contact number, sustained combat, close range/support, long range firing, morale(think saves), and stamina (number of hits it can take). This produces combats that can surge back and forth for a few turns as both sides add in supporting units. Individual figures are not removed, so pretty much any basing works with the system, enabling gamers to use their armies for a variety of rules besides Hail Caesar. We currently have large forces for the Seleucids and Republican Romans.

Hail Caesar: Pikes vs. Legions


Seleucid Command Problems Create Chaos

We have not had a big Hail Caesar game in quite some time for some reason, so for the annual day after Thanksgiving battle we went for another Seleucids vs. Republican Romans match up. There were four divisions on each side, which was more than enough for the four players that we had available that day. This was an opportunity to show off my new legion with the black shields and two new (and the last I will paint!) pike units. Both sides had pretty good first turns, except for one Roman legion that refused to move for five turns! The Seleucids were set up to deliver a huge cavalry attack on the right flank, but then ran into command problems, leaving their forces scattered and to be picked off by the Romans one by one. In the center the Seleucid elephants went into the attack, got clobbered by a legion, then destroyed in the follow up. Up and down the line the Seleucids just could not coordinate their efforts, allowing the Romans to dictate the pace of the battle. Time and time again the Seleucids would get engaged, then their supports would not move up, allowing the Romans to gang up on stray units. When we had to call it a day, the Romans were ahead, even though the Seleucids still had some fresh units. Don't underestimate the small Roman units as they really pack a serious punch!

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