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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is the next evolution of the popular Warmaster series of rules and can be played with any scale of figures. The system uses a modified version of the WMA command system where leaders roll 2D6 against their Leadership number to see if their units go one, two, or three moves, which adds a layer of chaos to each side's battle plan. Units are rated for their clash, sustained, and saves for melee, which can produce some back and forth with combat. You can use any scale and basing with the rules, making them very flexible. We currently have large forces for the Seleucids and Republican Romans along with the War of the Roses.

Hail Caesar 2 First Try


Lancastrians Prevail in a Slugfest

This was our first time using the second edition of the Hail Caesar rules and in particular, the changes to the leaders. A few of the group had not been able to attend our first War of the Roses battle, so this would be a learning game to get use to the new troop types, limited cavalry, and how the heavier troops act with the rules. Basically, this was just a straight up fight, with both sides having similalry sized forces. The terrain was maybe a bit too constricting, in that it caused a lot of deployment issues and the cavalry were never able to actually get involved due to the traffic jams! There was a massive battle for the walled farm fields, and it seemed to continue to suck in more and more units through the battle. On the Yorkist left the brigade there had no luck whatsover and evertime they were getting ready for an attack they would fail a series of break tests or command rolls. In the end the Lancastrians prevailed, mainly due to their tenacious defense of the center, which turned into a multi-turn slugfest. We'll revisit this period again before the end of the year.

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