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Fire & Fury 2

Fire & Fury ACW is a set of rules that allows games to play large battles from the American Civil War. Units are at the brigade level, with each stand representing around 120-160 men and one gun equals a battery of artillery. This means that most brigades will be somewhere between 6-10 stands and sometimes larger for the earlier part of the war. Each unit is given three numbers, representing fresh, worn, and spent status, which governs how the unit performs as it suffers casualties. Movement is done by rolling a D10 then checking varous modifiers to see how far a brigade can move. Each turn represents 30 minutes and the game play is very fast, making it suitable for large groups.

Fire & Fury: Dodge Defends


July 22nd, 1884: Confederate Attack

At the last moment, we decided to do a Fire & Fury game and chose a scenario around the Battle of Atlanta. The issue was that the scenario was for the Regimental Fire & Fury rules and not the Brigade level rules which we usually play! Since only one person had the regimental rules, we used the unit stats for the scenario with the brigade level rules and fortunately, things worked out well. The Confederate attack went in as scheduled, but as we also suspected, the small units didn't last long in the face of Union firepower. After the first two turns we were wondering if the game would even last an hour! However, the large number of Confederate units started to take its toll on the Union. After some desperate fighting the Confederates took one of the hill objectives and were moving on the second.  The Union launched several counterattacks, but were unable to take the objectives back.  The game ended as a Confederate victory and was pretty challenging for both sides.

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