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Age of Reason 3

Age of Reason, one of the most popular sets of rules for the Seven Years War, is now in its 3rd edition. Units are battalions of infantry, regiments of cavalry, and batteries for artillery, with units usually having 12 figures each. Brigades are activated by card draw for movement, with both sides exchanging artillery fire, then small arms fire, followed by melee. Linear formations and having supports factor greatly into the fire and melee systems. The rules cover every army for the Seven Years War, War of the Austrian Succession, and American Revolution, plus there are army lists for the French & Indian War along with the British in India.

AOR: Austrian Cavalry Success


Prussian Cavalry Collapses Early

Back to the Seven Years War for our Friday Niight game, with the Prussians and Austrians in a generic field battle. Both sides had an equal number of SPs and set up with the cavalry on both flanks, which for us is standard practice. Unfortunately for the Prussians this night, that meant near disaster! While both sides advanced in the center to the attack, the cavalry had a series of charges out on the flanks. The Prussian cavalry fought well through the first round, but then in the succeeding melees were destroyed and chased off the board! The only saving grace was that half of the Austrian cavalry went off after them in pursuit or the game would have been over pretty early. The Prussians, however, did well in the infantry and artillery battle in the center and were making progress when the game was called. The Prussians had gotten so far behind in casualties that they would have needed an incredible effort in the center and they almost got it. The Austirans had succeeded in holdiing off the Prussians just long enough, but with a few more turns things might have turned around for the Prussians. We did learn that we need to do a better job of defining objectives in these generic battles!

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