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Hail Caesar

Hail Caesar is the next evolution of the popular Warmaster series of rules and can be played with any scale of figures. The system uses a modified version of the WMA command system where leaders roll 2D6 against their Leadership number to see if their units go one, two, or three moves, which adds a layer of chaos to each side's battle plan. Units are rated for their clash, sustained, and saves for melee, which can produce some back and forth with combat. You can use any scale and basing with the rules, making them very flexible. We currently have large forces for the Seleucids and Republican Romans along with the War of the Roses.

Salt Lake Open & WOTR


War of the Roses Demo Game

We were asked to run a demo game of Hail Caesar for the Salt Lake Open, which was a first ever wargames show featuring tournaments for Bolt Action, Flames of War, Staar Wars Armada, and more, with the WH40K and Age of Sigmar tournaments across the street at another venue. We decided to go with the War of the Roses and set up a fairly large game that held 7 players, with about 20 units per side. We were put in a room with the Blood Bowl tournament and despite things being a bit cramped, the game went off quite well, with a lot of onlookers and many, many questions. We were able to get in around 14 turns in about 5 hours, which was a new record for us! For a first time event it was pretty well attended as the main room was overflowing most of the time. If there is a second year for the event, there will definitely need to be more room for open gaming and demos, an event schedule, and most importantly, a place that sells concessions! Overall, however, it was a good first event and shows a lot of promise for the future if it can be expanded.

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