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Age of Reason

Age of Reason, one of the most popular sets of rules for the Seven Years War, is now in its 3rd edition. Units are battalions of infantry, regiments of cavalry, and batteries for artillery, with units usually having 12 figures each. Brigades are activated by card draw for movement, with both sides exchanging artillery fire, then small arms fire, followed by melee. Linear formations and having supports factor greatly into the fire and melee systems. The rules cover every army for the Seven Years War, War of the Austrian Succession, and American Revolution, plus there are army lists for the French & Indian War along with the British in India.

Age of Reason: French Attack


French Attack Garrisoned Villages

Mark brought a scenario from some of his One Hour Wargames rules and we applied it to be used with Age of Reason. The scenario saw a French infantry force backed by a siege battery, try to force a position held by the Prussians. The Prussians only had one cuirassier unit in terms of cavalry, which was up against four smaller French cavalry units, but it carried the day. The French attack started well, but then began to run into some problems as the Prussians simply would not budge from the villages! It also didn't help that the French side had some bad die rolls in the melee phase, which quickly created losses. The Prussians kept inflicting casualties as they focused on their defense of the two villages. The French heavy artillery knocked out two Prussian batteries, but the Prussians just kept pouring on the fire and by Turn 7 the French were already at 25% casualties and were checking for withdrawal. After another turn it was determined that the French would not be able to take the villages and the game was called as a Prussian victory. After a few ho-hum Seven Years War games, this one actually felt like a 7YW battle! Both sides played well and it was very linear in nature.

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