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BKC 2 is a descendant of the Warmaster series of rules, using basically the same command system with a few minor twists. Formations can be given orders by various command units based upon their rating and if successful they can continue to receive orders. This gives the game a unique atmosphere where there are several swings of fortune throughout the game. The game can be scaled to platoon level, so you can use scenarios from many sets of rules, plus the orders of battle from Command Decision and Wargamers Digest. There are extensive army lists covering every major army during WW2 and a very active forum that has additional material. The combat system uses a number of D6s with bonuses for firing under half range and for flank attacks, plus there are saving throws and cover modifiers. A very fun and fast playing system.

Attack Out of the Bridgehead


British Armor in Normandy

Back to the Normandy Campaign for this scenario of BKC2 that had five players of which two were British and three German. The British had captured a bridge near Caen and were planning to exploit this opportunity at first light. Long lines of Shermans, Cromwells, M3 halftracks, and Bren carriers were ready to go on the attack. The trick would be the single crossing over a thin canal that was going to cause major traffic issues. As luck would have it, the Germans were launching one of their famous early morning counterattacks to reclaim the bridge and the surrounding area. The British were plagued from the start by some bad command rolls and the Germans had good ones, which got them down the roads leading to the bridge faster than the British had hoped. The British were still getting themselves sorted out when the first German counterattacks went in.
The fight started with some long range tank fire and then both sides proceeded to plaster each other with wel timed artillery bombardment. The German artillery in particular, were able to bottle up the bridge by surpressing several armor units, jamming the roads and preventing a mass breakout. Both sides pushed more and more units towards the road and by the fifth turn there were several Shermans and Cromwells burning, for the loss of only a few PZ IVHs. The British had a lot of combat power stalled at the crossing and were unable to push more into the battle due to the German artillery, single crossing, and bad command rolls. At this point the issue was still in doubt when the Sdkfz 251/22 and a 75mm AT gun attached to the panzergrenadier battalion counterattacked. Their accurate fire put an end to one of the British flanking maneuvers, then they piled onto the British near the bridge and knocked out several more units. By this time the British were in serious trouble and the game was called as a decisive German victory.

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