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BKC 2 Rules

BKC II Rules coverBlitzkrieg Commander 2 has quickly become our preferred set of WW2 rules for operational level scenarios. BKC 2 revolves around its command system, which while simple in concept, is very effective for this level of combat. The rules cover close assaults, scheduled bombardments, engineering, and more in an organized fashion that makes the system easy to grasp and highly suitable for group play. There are extensive army lists that cover the period from the Spanish Civil War to the end of WW2 with stats for every vehicle, artillery piece, or type of infantry that served in the war. Very similar to the Warmaster system, so if you've played that you can transition quickly to BKC 2.

BKC 2: Drive to Kustrin


Late War East Front Scenario

This was a pretty elaborate scenario based upon some of the German counterattacks around Kustrin in March of 1945. For this game I had created maps for both sides from Google Earth of the actual area where assembly areas, crossings, minefields, etc., were laid out. This was to be a night attack which had severe consequences for both sides in terms of command & control as well as visibility. The Germans needed to assemble their forces and then push quickly to seize the opposite town, then get under cover before daylight as you could see from the images there is little cover in this area near the Oder River. The German attack did not start well as many units were late to their assembly areas, then the first armored thrust ran into a minefield. The German forces, however, regrouped and began a several turn battle for the town and crossing on far side of the town. Both sides launched several close assaults and counterattacks that resulted in a bloody battle for the town. More Russian forces continued to arrive as reinforcements and were quickly thrown in to stop the German advance. The Germans finally got their heavy armor up front and began to engage the Russian forces on the far side of the river, which prevented them from interfering in the battle over the town. The Russians, however, had really awful die rolls, especially with their FAO who blundered three times! In the end the Germans took the town and were able to withstand everything the Russians threw at them, including a few turns of daylight in the open. It was a very fun, fast moving game that saw a bit of everything and the infantry finally got center stage in a WW2 game! We will definitely need to try another elaborate scenario again.

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