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Phantoms has definitely been our most popular download by far. The rules are based upon the old Avalon Hill Mustangs system, then developed into a set of miniatures rules by Dave Schueler. We've taken them and developed them further, adding the Intruders ground atttack sections, extra data cards, scenarios, and more. I was greatly helped by David Child-Dennis in doing the supplements and he also did the many introductory sets of air combat rules that you see here as well. While Phantoms may not be the most realistic set of modern air to air combat rules that you will ever see (compared to Birds of Prey or Air Superiority), they are great for group play, look good on the tabletop with 1/300th models, and give gamers a feel for jet age combat.
There are also two colonial campaigns available to download here as well. The first is a fictional Sudan campaign called The Return of the False Prophet of the San Juans. The second is a Northwest Frontier campaign called Valley of Fire. Both of these downloads contain rules, maps, counters, cards, etc., and comprise a complete campaign system suitable for colonial gaming. In the future we hope to add a Renaissance campaign set during the Italian Wars, a late war Eastern Front campaign for BKC2, another BKC2 campaign for Normandy in 1944, and a Warmaster Ancients campaign. Check back to this page for details and availability.

Free Campaigns & Rules

The Return of the False Prophet of the San Juans-2023 Update

This is a fictional Sudan campaign in tribute to the Washington Wargamers and Lynn Bodin who had a fascinating campaign during The Courier's Sudan theme. All of the players are on the Anglo-Egyptian side and the campaign is card driven, which produces a lot of chaos and uncertainty in planning. The campaign features the initial rebellion, cards for the Hicks expedition, the arrival of Gordon, Graham's forces, and finally Kitchener and the Re-Conquest. This PDF contains the rules, cards, counters, and a planning map, plus you can dowload the full sized map below.

The Return of the False Prophet of the San Juans-Large Map

This is a larger version (28 inch by 28 inch) of the planning map included with the rules pdf that can be printed and used for the campaign. The large size will make it easier to track all of the forces, areas under revolt, and should make planning operations a little easier to see.

By The Sword

This is a fictional campaign designed for Warmaster Ancients, although ti can be used with any Ancients or Medieval set of rules. You can have up to six players and use any forces that you have available. The PDF includes the map, rules, cards, events, and much, much more. This is a pretty involved campaign that is actually quite simple to run and should generate some large battles. More information can be found on the Marnon WMA page on this site:


Deep Strike

Deep Strike is a fictional modern air campaign that can be used with any modern ground combat system. Each side gets 1-3 airbases and a number of aircraft, ranging from air superiority fighters to attack aircraft. Each aircraft unit is allocated a mission during each turn, which is mainly to support ground operations in a modern miniatures campaign. There are a large number of optional rules, additional aircraft, and more that can be used to enhance any campaign.

Phantoms rules

Phantoms Miniatures Rules

Phantoms is a variant of the Avalon Hill Mustangs board game that has been converted to miniatures rules for jet combat for 1960 to the present. The system uses a unique movement system that can be used with any scale of miniatures.

Intruders rules


Intruders is the air to ground supplement for Phantoms that focuses on the Vietnam War, although it can be used for many other periods of jet warfare. Rules cover SAMs, AAA, Wild Weasel/Iron Hand operations, attacking ground targets, and there is a mission generator that lets players buy aircraft and weapons to carry out their assignments.

data cards

Aircraft Data Cards

This PDF file contains the aircraft data cards needed to play Phantoms and Intruders. Aircraft include F-4s, A-7s, Mig-21s, foreign aircraft, and many modern aircraft that can be used for the Vietnam, Arab-Israeli, Iran-Iraq, and many other conflicts from the 1960s to the present day.

2008 update

2008 Phantoms Update

This update covers attacking naval targets, scenarios from Operation Musketeer(Suez Crisis 1956), Operation Vantage, a hypothetical 1950s invasion of West Germany, U.S.S. Coral Sea's Mig killers, movement impulse cards, game markers, and new aircraft data cards in a color format.

deluxe version

Phantoms Deluxe Version

This version contains Phantoms, Intruders, the aircraft data cards, and the 2008 Update all in one package! 144 pages of rules, scenarios, and data cards.


2009 Phantoms Update

This brief update has a new table for SAMs, B-52, B-2, Canberra, and IL-28 data cards, plus several pages of new maneuver markers.

typhoon icon

Typhoon-Modern Jet Combat

Typhoon is an introductory set of modern jet combat rules that does not require hex mats or any special flight stands for miniatures. It is designed as a quick playing, low complexity game for gamers who are interested in flying multiple aircraft with aircraft from the late 70s up to the Eurofighter and F-35.

bob cover

Battle of Britain-August 8th, 1940

This is a fast playing operational level game about the German air raids over England on August 8th, 1940. Designed for group or convention play where players are in charge of the various sectors or Luftwaffe raids and it can be completed in a few hours. This PDF includes the rules, a map, markers, cards, and aditional materials needed to play the game.

Air War-Korea

The first in a series of introductory level rules for air to air combat with this set focusing on Korea. Air War-Korea is highly suitable for group play and can be learned quickly, with only a few pages of rules. The rules include all markers and templates needed to play the game.

Air War-Vietnam

The second in a series of introductory level rules for air to air combat with this set focusing on Vietnam. Air War-Vietnam is highly suitable for group play and can be learned quickly, with only a few pages of rules. The rules include all markers and templates needed to play the game.



Angels & Bears

Modern air and naval combat between the superpowers 1980-1989. Using the same air system from Air War-Vietnam, but mating it with a naval combat system to allow gamers to launch large airstrikes against fleets during the Cold War era. Features rules, counters for aircraft, and all the templates needed to play the game.

The Dawning of the Jet Age

This is a quick playing set of air to air combat rules that focuses on what would have happened had WW2 continued on until 1946. Large numbers of German jets would have been dueling it out with British and U.S. jets for air superiority over Western Europe featuring Ho-229 flying wings, Vampires, Shooting Stars, and more.

vof cover

Valley of Fire

This is a fictional colonial campaign set in the Northwest Frontier during the late 1880s. A British fort is under siege and a relieving force has exactly one month to break the siege! The villages in the valley and mountain passes go into revolt, adding more and more foces to the siege and to block the British advance. The system features hidden movement, is of moderate complexity, and is designed to be run with or without a referee. The PDF contains rules, counters, a planning map, and log sheets. For a more detailed map, sownload the full version below.

vof map

Valley of Fire Large Map

This is a 20 x 12 inch map for use with the Valley of Fire campaign in PNG form. You can download the file and either print it using Photoshop/Illustrator or take it to a printer. This replaces the planning map in the rules.

Beyond the Salle

Beyond the Salle Seven Years War Campaign

This is a fictional campaign where the Prussians have won at Zorndorff and countermarch across Prussia to fight an invading Prussian/Austrian/Saxon force. Designed for the Warfare in the Age of Reason rules.

Beyond the Salle Seven Years War Campaign-Large map

This is a larger version of the map in the Beyond The Saale campaign rules.


Crux of Battle

This is a command & control variant for Warfare in the Age of Discovery that uses leader cards and events.